Here's How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Do this one thing and you'll set yourself up for success..


One of the reasons it’s hard to have long distance relationships is because there is an innate desire to be next to the person you like. There needs to be a physical intimacy in the relationship. Without this other half of the puzzle it’s hard to have a relationship that works.

In today’s world however we have technology which does a slight job at bridging that gap. You see, back in the old days the only means of communication long distance lovers had was snail mail. Yup, that old hand written letter where you handwrite your thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams. Somehow that still appeals to me because your imagination does the job at fantasizing through your lover’s letter.

Today we have face time with our smart phones or skype through computer that lets us see our partner in real time and talk to them. It lets us keep up with what’s going on with their lives without missing a beat.

Long distance relationships can be hard nonetheless. There is still that lack of physical intimacy that completes a relationship. Sure some people might say that emotional connection is all you need. But personally, I think you need both. Those who think that emotions is all you need may not have the experience to understand the importance of a complete relationship.

How often have you heard about cheating in a long distance relationship? How often does a lover feel jealous or suspicious over the activities over their lover? The reality is we have a biological and emotional drive which can at some point lead us into the wrong direction.

Long distance relationships seemed to have endured more in the past than it does today. Because of the sheer number of people living in a city the chances of chemistry flaring up with someone is great. Back in the old days you probably couldn’t find an attractive mate for miles.

Just look at quotes from Google where you see love letters going on for years between two historic characters. So, how do you make long distance relationships work? I personally think you should add something novel to the interaction. Sure you have skype, sure you have face time on your smart phone…but what would set a long distance relationship apart is good old fashion snail mail love letters. It keeps things unique amongst our modern technology. And it’s not something everyone is willing to do. For more on Long Distance Relationship Quotes check out this link.