One Tip I Learned That Helped Me Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety

Do this one thing and you'll set yourself up for success..

       It's not easy overcoming shyness.

       In fact, the idea of getting over shyness and social anxiety is like finding a mythical unicorn for those suffering from it.

       It just doesn't seem possible.

       Sure some of us go see therapist, counseling etc... and some even recover enough to live a mediocre lifestyle. But somehow it just doesn't seem enough.

       Most of this therapy is hit and miss and not to mention a serious drain on your wallet.

       The reason I'm discussing shyness today is to shed some light on it - considering
I'm one of the rare few who not only suffered from social anxiety...

       But also overcame it enough to live an outgoing lifestyle most people would not
dream of achieving.

       It's different once you've reached "the other side" where you begin to surpass even your own peers that seem outgoing. At this stage it feels like a distant memory...almost.

       When you begin to overcome shyness and social anxiety you start to have more and more power over your life and others in a way that makes it pleasurable. After all, we are meant for each other. We're meant to socialize, we're meant to love one another and we're meant to get enjoyment just out of talking to someone. These things are priceless and in my opinion a natural right.

       It's probably because of this philosophy that I got myself out of this condition.

       So what did I differently than most people?

       I'll tell you...

       Aside from never giving up...I studied and learned about this area of my life by reading about it on the internet, in books, watching documentaries. And slowly year after year I started to piece together parts of what I needed to learn. I didn't go to therapy mostly becaue of all the stories I heard about people wasting their money on it.

       I think the one thing that really lead me to overcome my shyness and social anxiety is finding other people that are outgoing but also very nice and hanging out with them.

       If there's anything out there I'd recommend the most it's finding friendly outgoing people or finding someone who overcame shyness themselves. These are the most valuable people to find.

       Seeing how they interact with the world and how they push your idea of social limits makes you realize how risk adverse you are. And as you watch them more and more you begin to realize that little "social mistakes" that you think you're doing actually never gets picked up by anyone other than yourself.

       This kind of stuff builds your confidence and what I explained isn't even a fraction of the benefits of finding people who overcame their debilitating shyness.

      Fortunately if you're a guy there's a resource I found online to help you, check it